Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Getting Things Done Around The House: Perhaps Tomorrow

Longtime roommates Dayve and "Rag Bones" decided to finally get some work done around the house. According to Rag Bones, "the laundry hadn't been done for a few years. My bro Dayve and I just don't dig knobs and buttons [Refrencing the ones on the laundry machine]. They're so corporate and... like... you feel me? I mean, we really just wear bagged-out hoods and sweet sag-pants so we don't really usually see the point of washing these old bong stains off [laughs], I mean you know? Chicks still come over. We still got pussy crusin' our way."

After a short look around their living quarters, it was clear that marijuana consumption had been a key priority for the last few decades, weighing far heavier on the scale of importance than things like removing fast food wrappers from inside the shower and removing resin stains from the carpet.

"Yeah bro, Rag Bones and I just live a renegade lifestyle, you know?" Dayve says in between pulls from his oral fog steamer. "After high school things just chilled out, you know? It was only like twelve years ago, not too long ago. No big deal, you know? It's just like... we're just keeping it real and keeping the dream alive."

"Yeah, I got a sweet job over at Best Buy as a compact disc sales representative Team Leader," Dayve explains. "A lot of my friends are jealous at how successful I am. You know? I got a lot of money. That's how Rag Bones and I can afford this sweet one bedroom in the heart of suburbia, right bro? [laughs and hi-fives Rag Bones]"

Rag Bones seemed a bit uncomfortable when asked about his lifestyle and career, but as he spoke, he seemed to muster some level of feigned confidence. "Yeah bro. My mom and dad were both in real estate, so they hook me up with some sweet stuff like canned food and some money to help Dayve out with bills. Like Dayve said earler, you know... we were kind of the renegades in high school, and we're still living the legend, you know? I don't really work, you know? I mostly work on my rad drawings on my desktop PC that my parents got me my senior year. [Rag Bones hands me his most recent work]:

Dayve chimes in and mentions that "this is the earliest that Rag Bones and I have been up in years." I looked up and the clocked read 2:30pm. "Yeah, we're usually kinda afternoon style dudes, ya know? The morning is for like college professors and politicians. See, we're just a couple of young dudes keeping it real, feel me?"

I asked Rag Bones what his plans for the future were as he sipped his morning beer and took a puff of a hot silverfish. "Yeah... I think I'm going to try to get some of my art onto a cool blog or a website. I got pretty good at making sweet 4:20 art. I think I'm gonna try to sell my whole collection for a couple million to an art gallery in a couple years."

I asked Dayve what his ten year plan looked like. He explained that he saw himself as moving up the ranks and Best Buy, hopefully to become the "King Sales Chief" of the compact disc sales area.

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