Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cat's Crotch Ghoulf Presents: An Interview With Skin-Legend Yang Bogey

Cat's Crotch: I see you've touched a man.
Yang Bogey: Yes, I recently touched a man at the Smelfur Open.
CC: Did you intentionally touch that man, or was it a hand error?
YB: It was mostly a hand error. I am aware of the laws regarding polo shirt shoulder-to-hand contact.
CC: You touched [Prow Ghoulfer] Pause Hampton correct? How did he respond to the flesh to fabric swiff?
YB: He wailed like a dying Marmot and began to empty all of his bowels and bladder onto the shortgrass.
CC: That's a fine reaction I'd say.
YB: Considering the circumstances, I can't blame him for what he did.
CC: Yes, it was acceptable. Did you help him collect his body litter?
YB: Yes, out of sheer nervousness we began to collect his wetness and softspots from the roughage.
CC: Were you able to collect it all? We're aware that the value of a Ghoulfer's excrement is incredibly high.
YB: It truly is, yes. We were able to collect most of it. Wasting it would be a shame to the profession.
CC: And then you went directly to the hospital, correct?
YB: Yes, I rode with Pause Hampton all the way to Mother Mary Of Grace Schwartzburg Hosptial where the doctors were able to forcibly insert most of it back into his slimetubes.
CC: (Groaning) Excellent.
YB: I'm sorry but that noise you just made was inexcusable and rude.
CC: My apologies, I am a man of sensitivity.
YB: I accept your apology.

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