Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mega Brothers--Fun Guys

"My brother Jorgon likes to ram a clothcord up inside of my rip-canyon."
-Enord Ponkhoggler

Jorgon and Enord, the fun-guys behind the local-access wire television show "Mega Brothers: Bed Boyz" are known in the SW Lower Smazwad County as the premiere teen-aged bed pranksters. Legendary social critic and fun-guy enthusiast once said that the Ponkhoggler brothers were "the most important thing ever to happen to the bed-prank/good-times community."

For those of you who haven't seen Mega Brothers: Bed Boyz, every week is a new adventure in foolers and goofs. The Ponkhoggler brothers think up a new round of sillies to pull on one another within the confines of their undersized bunked bed. On last week's episode, Enord carved a hole up into Jorgons bunk and pulled his underpants off at 4am. The week before that Jorgon popped all his pimples into the zit cream and passed the zit cream down to Enord in the bottom bunk, who used the cream on his facial red-dots. Next week's episode will feature a guest appearance by none other than Porkflesh legend Gary Sheepsblood, who vows to fold the Ponkhoggler brothers' bunkbed into a massive wooden taco and throw it out the second story window.

Here are some critical reviews of Mega Brothers: Bed Boyz from people around the SW Lower Smazwad County area:

"Jorgon and Enord have hand-crafted a piece of genuine art that casts a dark and murky shadow over every other thing in my life, including my wife and kids."
-Shim Tightwad

"At first, I thought this was just another show about kids in bed. Then I learned about all the pranks and honkers that go on after midnight. That's when it really got my attention!"
-Rigger Manhole

"My favorite episode was when Jorgon did a top-bunk bedflip into the wall and bonked his noggin. It woke Enord up at 3am! Hilarious!"
-Fud-Fud Figgle

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