Friday, March 11, 2011

Lead Guitarist for "The My Mom's Basement Band"

Southwest Bone Creek South Dakota Community College Newspaper

Jhoe Chooch, the lead guitarist for "The My Mom's Basement Band" will be playing the school cafeteria this Monday afternoon at 12:30pm. People are urged to donate canned food, frozen pizzas and Doritos chips to Jhoe, as his Mom has recently cut him off from "all the food in her cupboards" once she found out Jhoe was spending his allowance on internet pornography and single shots of Potter's Vodka.

The My Mom's Basement band began back in 1992 when Jhoe lost his job at Terry's Hot Dogs and had to come back home to live with his mom. Now, at the age of 41, Jhoe has written some personal songs that reflect the turn his life has taken. "Broken" is by far his strongest song. It tells the story of how he had to sell his "dragon wrapped around a misty globe" paperweight to help pay for his food expenses.

"Lost Soul," another winning track, chronicles Jhoe's spin into deep depression after his mother told him he had to pay her fifty cents every time he flushed the toilet. As an act of revenge, Jhoe locked himself in the bathroom and flushed the toilet seventy six times, putting him thirty eight dollars in debt with his mother. It's a debt, that after two years, he has yet to fully pay. His newest album, "Pain," is a strong effort, but lacks the same raw emotion of his earlier work. In the song "Borrowed," Jhoe tells the story of how he doesn't own a guitar or a tape recorder so he had to borrow them from a twelve year old boy named Crotch who lives down the road a few houses. On the album's closing track, "Black Hole," Jhon is most open about his hunger for food, singing on the chorus "I used to have tater tots and chicken nuggets, now I all I have is one more pizza pocket, tear out my heart and tell me I can't believe in hope... or love." It's a gut-wrenching tale of loss, and perhaps the album's brightest gem.

Don't miss Jhoe this Monday at the Cafeteria and if you can spare some canned peanuts, Toni Braxton's Parti Pizzas or Mother Becky's Chicken Tenders, Jhoe would really appreciate it.

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