Thursday, March 24, 2011

Vietnam 2013: Charlie's Revenge

Prepare yourself for cyborg glory!

In the year 2013, Former American foot soldier Fist Megathrust will do battle with a long forgotten enemy: "Charlie." After installing cyborg parts (mostly pilfered from Goodwill Megastores) Fist Megathrust and his old enemy, known only as "Charlie" will meet at high noon at the ultimate arena: the Vietnam War Memorial in River Fish North Dakota, right accross from the Sizzler Steakhouse for the ultimate gladiator showdown.

Just when America thought it was safe to visit War Memorials, two rivals will go head to head again: only this time there will be lazers, gatling guns and automatic shotguns.

We interviewed Fist on his opinions of who will have the upper hand:

"My grandson Jimeny and I built this Gatling gun out of parts he stole from the Goodwill Superstore. There's a nite brite in here somewhere, and a couple of woman's private part jammers we converted into bullet shells. When I heard Charlie was back in town, I just had to arm myself and get ready for a final showdown. For god and country. And freedom from reds."

We also had a chance to speak with his long time rival, known only as "Charlie." This is what he had to say:

"I have no idea how thing whole thing started. My name is Greg Johnson. I guess because I look Vietnamese this guy wants to kill me. But I'm not even from Vietnam. I was born and raised here in America. This mask is a state-issued seeing impairment device. This belt around my shoulder contains a series of inhalers in case my asthma acts up again. And this smoking pole in my hand is a respiratory machine designed to assist my breathing. I hope the police show up soon... I called them as soon as I found out this guy claimed that I was a cyborg and he wanted to kill me. All I want to do is sit down and watch Two and a Half Men with my grandson Nathan."

In the year 2013, old grudges will bust open after decades of festering! Only on FOX.

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