Friday, August 20, 2010

Rim Dim Diggle Rim Dim Dim Diggle

You can't teach an old dog new tricks.  But you can train a boner to fold back inside of itself.  And that's exactly why Cat's Crotch is back on the literary scene.  We're here to dazzle your dicks and make your pussies say "wow."  And if that means lowering ourselves to the level of rickshaw drivers... well, then that's what it takes.

We don't have to talk ourselves up because we've already proven ourselves on the mean streets.  We've taken home multiple awards over the years, including:
  • Urine Town USA Literary Society Honorable Mention
  • Derek Jeter World Cup Tour #1 Smile Face
  • A Free Sega Genesis From A Garage Sale
  • A Magic Card
  • Butthole Grabbers All Stars Independent Spirit Award
  • Childbearing Songwriters of War Torn Lithuania 7th place
  • Dumptruck Festival Kentucky Judge's Award
  • Hungry Man official sponsorship "Good Eater" Award
 Here's a song that John Cougar Mellencamp wrote for the revival of Cat's Crotch:

"Hungry cock, I gotta hungry cock.  Don't mock my cock or I'll give you a wock.  What's a wock?  It's kind of like a mock.  A mocking bird... A pussy herd.  A herd of pussies in your paper shredder is gonna give you bad weather on the tip of your ding ding dong inside Hong Kong.  Hungry Man meal with a side of beans, I'll shove it up your ass until you scream, if you touch me I won't buy you lunch for your hemorrhoid bunch."


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