Sunday, August 29, 2010

Scourge Crane Scatfish

"PLab Snaggle fusch, ronst scrull mango muffin. I'm a cow coow braaain"
-Mictchelell Patton

"Mike Patton is not God." This unspeakable truth was finally revealed to me after years of toiling and clawing at the choadskin of hope; the hope tha tI could really place all of my faith, trust and creationist beliefs in the lap of the lead singer of such celebrated acts as Mr. BUNTDSKULL and Face Face Face. Alas in the light of such new shit, I must find another messiah.

40 year old leather ball hurler/fuckface, Brett Farf would be wisely advised to wear a sphincter-plug for the up coming Pro Touchdown Scoreboard season. Because if shit leaking marathoners have to wear such a device for the Hood to Coast run, then this geezer certainly must require similar seal lockage in the face of this kind of pressure:

Tallahassee Crocsnout's Linebacker, MoTrif Kaboonst

Good luck to you and the fresh appearance of your away uniform, ye olde snarf! Until next time...



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