Monday, December 13, 2010

"Blazing Skull" Female Cotton Rods


Do you have blood-runs every so often? Are you a female woman?

Well stay tuned for this important announcement from BLAZING SKULL.

BLAZING SKULL, INC. has brought you many great products in the past. But we've noticed something about hygiene products nowadays. How come men get all the good ones? Men get "Chainsaw Body Mist" "Cinnamon-Beaf Dunk Deodorant" "Coleslaw Ball Powder" and "Mountain Bike X-Treme Masturbation Fluid." But what do women get?

Nothing so far.

Just lame products like "Daisy's Pussy Creme" and "Light Morning Sunflower slamrods."

Well things are changing.

Now there's Blazing Skull female cotton rods for your nad curtains. If you have drip drops at times, you want something in there, right? And you want something that's just as cool as what the boys get, right? Well good! Now you can change the world.

And be a female power figure with your friends. Our cotton rods have pictures of a skull on fire and some tribe markings--so you can feel the power of the most intense things that come out of the mists of your imagination. That way, when you have runny runny rivers, you can dam it up with a force of pure impact and human power!

Be yourself! Be the style you want to see in other people! With Blazing Skull Female Cotton Rods. By BLAZING SKULL, INC.

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