Wednesday, December 8, 2010

When Muffs Cry


"Google does not exist."

That's right cucksnufflers, my long unfortunate absence can be wholly attributed to this mustache wielding, feather fried puss-snagger, Printz.

He told me that "the internet is dead", and I took the sweaty, crooning dickheart at his word. Believe me, I never would have listened to this puffy shirted Minnestotan in a million years, had a certain internet shit shower not been recently rained/reigned upon my being:

Do you see that skullfuckery? Google straight don't exist SON. Tall dwarves on NBA salaries make more sense to me than this. Don't worry though, I'll get to the bottom of this spudge, and be back on the Cat's Crotch prowl sooner than you can say "Rim dim diggle, rim dim dim diggle". That is, once I pull sexy Printz's mustache out of my "must stash" (which is what I call my vagina =D)! What? you thought I wasn't rocking a sex change operation since my absence? Come on n-words, It's 2010 and you're living in the two-thousand den (OF NOT BEING UP TO DATE)! Stupid slizzy nerds...

haha, I'm totally jking, I love all the ladies no duhhh! =P=P=P=P=P!!!!

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