Monday, December 20, 2010

Cartoon Book "Self Respect" World Convention

"I'm Wuffhound from the X-Guys"
-Gorgenhiem Tanner

Every year, the Cartoon Book "Self Respect" World Convention rolls though Troutfish, Wisconsin on the way to it's massive blowout in Tadpole, South Carolina. This year, many people showed up in their favorite cartoon-guy getups. We interviewed one largebody named Gorgenhiem Tanner about his experiences at the event.

First, we asked him what his favorite kind of milk beverage was. He explained that when he was younger, he liked 4% dairy fat supreme but he's recently switched to the buttermilk hotfeast. He says it makes his stomach numb. We noticed he had a one-liter jug of it in his back pocket.

Next, we spoke about his experience meeting cartoon book superlord Lanyard Steel. "I met Lanyard Steel and got my photograph taken with him. I had to make a yellowstream but no one would listen to me. So I went in my Wuffhound pants during the brightflash. I couldn't help it. When Lanyard Steel smelt the smell he looked at me and told he he used to make yellowstreams in his longpants when he was a youngboy. It made me feel better about my special mistake."

Gorgenhiem had some very strong opinions on his mom and dad's minivan. He explained that when his mom comes and picks him up, he will have to find her light blue Road Dome X-Press. "I told my mom to drive to the back of the parking lot to pick me up. I told her that I am going to have a playdate with my friend Daisy and I don't want her to meet my mom. Daisy is only 15 but she acts like a grown up."

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