Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My Favorite Skylord "Praise" Hum-Dums

This is my all-tyme favorite Sunday Morning Whistler. Irma Ingley's timeless classic "Moving Day," features some of her best work to date. Many of the songs on this record are written about the things she keeps around her house that she was thinking about as she packed them up to move into an elder castle. "My Doily" is a wonderful song about her favorite thing on her end table. She also has a song called "A Picture of my Grandson, Billy." It's a great song about how her grandson is a very, very good boy. What strikes me as most impressive about these hum-dums are how Irma manages to tie them back into his Holy Presence, the Lord. Every song has a few verses about how the Lord helped her get all of her neat belongings.

This album presents a lighter, funnier side of the Lord. Don't get me wrong, this is a praise record, but it's just a little lighter on it's feet than most others. Gert Jonnys (the guy in the front row with the Portobello mushroom haircut) is the main singer. He has the voice of a pumpkin boiling in a pot of stew but I love him anyway. This record features the song "The Lord Went to Baskin Robbins." It's a fun little tune about what would happen if the Lord walked into an ice cream restaurant to get a sweet-mouth treat. In the song, the lord orders a Buttermilk Lick Dish with extra Brown Nuts. My favorite part is when the man at the counter says, "Praise him all that he be." And Lord replies, "Praise this Buttercream, my brethren." It's truly hilarious.

What can I say about "Let Me Touch Him" that hasn't already been said? This record is a Sugar-Glazed Ham of the Lord's Ever-Tender Presence. Dust Windblow has the best voice this side of Margaret St. Bethany Cathedral. When he sings "Tiny Hands on my Lap," I almost make warm eyewater. And how can I forget to mention Bort Popcorn's wondrous harmonies? Especially on "The Pitter-Patter of Tiny Steps in my Bedroom." And Miggy Rooftop is a strong singer as well, with a great baritone range. He keeps the melody flowing on the closing track "Tim on my Trousers." This record is a soft-tone blessing from the gentle-moods that can be called the finest testament to the Skylord ever written.

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  1. I'm gonna catch Erma and TMQ live and get the holy hip jigglies! *crucifix*