Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bolster Groach Gets a Hungry Man Feast From His Mom

On his 36th Birthday, Lawnmower Engineer Bolster Groach received a special present from his Mother. A Hungry Man feast. His mother explains:

"My son Bolster lives out in the garage behind our house. He makes his money fixing grassblades and weedhackers for Jork Bunsniffer down the street. Bolster is a gentle warmspirit and we're proud to have him as our bigboy. When he's not working on lawnparts he usually pets the neighbor kids inside of his room fort. For his 36th Birthday we decided to get him a warm-meal to put inside of his fleshsack."

We caught up with Bolster to get his side of the story. It seems he was in the middle of giving a warmpet to a smallboy who lived next door so we came back the next day to interview him. This is what he had to say:

"I love my brownharied mother. She is a sweet sugarangel. I never left home because I don't know how to hold my torker when I sprinkle. For my birthday this year she got me the Hungry Man Boneyard Boontussle Brogers with a side of Nashed Tugglers and Hot Sploosh."

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