Friday, October 29, 2010

Camp Self-Worth Homeless Poets Fellowship WINNERS

NAME: Drippy-Nose Wolfbaum
ENTRY: "My Nose, it Drips" 1st Place

My Nose, it Drips
by Drippy-Nose Wolfbaum

My Nose
It Drips
Upon My Nips
My Naked Nips

It Touches My Lips
It Touches My Hips
It Breaks My Heart
It Makes Me Fart

NAME: Professor Soda-Pop
ENTRY: "I Love Soda-Pop" 2nd Place

I Love Soda Pop
by Professor Soda-Pop

I feel like a man
With a bubble can
A bubble can
A bubble can

Sometimes I pee inside my can
Inside my can
Inside my can

And tell my friend Henry
It's a fresh lemon fizzer
A fresh lemon fizzer
A fresh lemon fizzer

And then Henry drinks it
And says "this isn't a lemon fizzer"
"this is just some of your urine"

And I say
"Yes, it is just some of my urine"
And then we go to bed
Inside of some garbage

NAME: Dr. Crab-Helmet
ENTRY: "I Blasted My Pants" Honorable Mention

I blasted my pants
On Saturday night
On the way to Banana Peel Theatre

I had a date with Esmeralda Wolfhair
But I blasted my pants
And I was filled with despair

I shouldn't have eaten that
Smoked salmon and egg nog
It made me slam my trousers

With a hot pot of juice
From my grumbling guts

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