Sunday, October 10, 2010

Salute insult dead people that died while building it

50% of stoic patriots will agree that Wasted Agility, the new one guy competition that's turning us on like Cammy in Street Fighter is pounding down all other televised pantomiming conflict head-to-head Gimmetheballs.

Kime Castraggit, native of FuckFaggots Missouri, bellyflipped across the states to Unknown Deepwater #1 and back again, hands on the wheel but no really. Everyone is growing strong muscles for a gander at his patented Crystal Sun Helix Asunder Ganon impersonation.
Kime Castraggit aka "Perfect Sex"

Other Wasted Agility competitors, such as Grease Puffleshit, Andasitor Touch, Eyeknife Wayne and Justice Mirror stand tall as the leading jesters in this game of evading doing anything remotely constructive with their life on bluespin. They dominate and kids emulate them with burning effigies and WalMart purchases. Catch them every other night on CNN just before Slow Talk.

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