Sunday, October 10, 2010

Jick Magger crosses the line.

Jick Magger, lead jaw-turner for the band Stolling Rones has officially made a hork-wuffer of himself onstage.

On Rogtember 32nd, the Stolling Rones were playing a gig at the Rochester Eggsucker Stadium. In the middle of the song "Mawtucket Mary," Jick Magger hopped offstage and began wrapping his gaping mouth around the heads of infants in the audience. A woman in the front row was holding her twins and was surprised to see Mr. Magger stretch his massive red liver lips around both of her infants heads, one at a time of course.

"I was so shocked I dropped both of my babies and ran for an exit. Later that day I was like 'where are my babies?' I went back into the Stadium after the show to look for them and I found them squashed flat underneath a couple of seats next to a pile of popcorn. I decided to just pick up the small pile of popcorn and take that home instead."
-Tornup Swigger

Towards the end of the show, Jick Magger strutted back on stage and began to look for more things to wrap his large trap around. He found a few more babies backstage that his tour manger had stashed for him. Rumor has it that he put the entire babies heads in his mouth in order to absorb the proteins from the soft spot on the back of the skull.

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