Saturday, September 25, 2010

Spruse Bringsteen: Tightjean Funwalk "AMERICAN TOOLBELT" Universal Tromp

Choadslist Posting # 35678923R

TICKETS FOR SALE: (NOT FAKE) Spruse Bringsteen and the Saturday Night Guys: Tightjean Funwalk "AMERICAN TOOLBELT" Universal Tromp 2009

Bottom line: My Dad died of grumpus and rup rup rup so I can't make it to the Spruse Bringsteen show at the Soft BrownFort Universal Aquarium. This whole situation makes me sagmouthed but what can I do? I guess all I can do is moneychange these smokey busters! HAR HAR HAR! To be honest, I feel like a clophorse in a burning redshack. My whiteyes are moistened for my underground dirt dad.

My Uncle Bundpt and Rodjod are going to drive me up to Fell-he-Delpheeya for the funeral foodfeast. There'll be scarftables and slop cups. My old Dad loved to eat goose grenades and hotspot tooigers--so there'll be a lot of those I can assure you! He loved drinks like softbeef coffee and gentle glidedown gulpers--so those'll be there too.

Anyway, the price per ticket is $$1,0000.000. It's an banghole of a wet deal. If you have a chunky beefwallet full of hot beefcash than you can afford a steamdeal like this one.

Call my electro-portable talky tone at (233) 233-2333. Ask for Whipple. Sourghum Whipple.

Thanks for your longpeeps, goodfellows.

SW + Ghost Dad

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